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ThermoFlex Exands, Adds Product Offerings

Manufacturing Group | January 11, 2013

Including Products to Provide Increased Production and Energy Efficiencies

ThermoFlex LLC, manufacturer of thermoformed, vacuum formed and thermoset products, has expanded and added new equipment and product offerings.  The expansion includes the addition of a new 3-station, rotary thermoformer that will provide increased production and energy efficiencies with larger part-sizes than its current cabability.  The addition also includes several injection molding machines in the 150 to 700 ton capacity range that will increase its dunnage production capacity.

According to Greg Hancock, ThermoFlex vice president and general manager, “We’re excited about this expansion as it will allow us to better service and support the ever expanding Southeast U.S. manufacturing, automotive OEM and supplier markets providing a wide range of packaging, dunnage and material handling products”. 

The products ThermoFlex designs and manufacturers help its customers protect a wide range of parts and components from damage during shipping and in-process handling.

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