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Millstone Medical Outsourcing Moves

Manufacturing Group | January 18, 2013

New Facility is Three Times Larger than the Previous One

Millstone Medical Outsourcing officials announce that the company successfully completed the move of its Memphis operations to a new facility located in Olive Branch, MS, a suburb of Memphis, TN. 

As of January 7, Millstone Medical was fully-operational in the new state-of-the-art facility after a complex two-stage moving approach that required validation of equipment and processes and approval from close to 35 customers.  The new facility offers 150,000ft2 of operational space, more than three times the size of the previous facility, for mechanical inspection, world-class loaner kit processing, bone/tissue storage, innovative packaging services, and distribution.  

The expansion to the new facility was precipitated by the growing needs of customers.  In addition to significantly increased space, the new facility provides high-speed data lines for the company’s cutting-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) system; new equipment, including high speed autoclaves, freezers, back-up generators, and racking for storage; and enhanced security systems.  The benefits of the new facility are expected to be additional space for customer expansion as well as the ability for Millstone to enhance capacity, add new capabilities, and offer greater flexibility.  

“With professionals from both the Memphis and Fall River locations working round the clock and over weekends, Millstone was able to finish the complicated move without disruption within three days,” says Karl Neuberger, Vice president, Memphis Operations of Millstone Medical Outsourcing.  “The additional operational space allows Millstone to expand programs for existing customers and to bring on new customers.  We are tremendously excited about all the possibilities the new facility will deliver for the company and our customers.”   

Millstone, outsource partner to the nation’s top orthopedic companies, is the fast-growing provider of advanced inspection, clean room packaging, loaner kit processing, and distribution services to medical and dental device manufacturers worldwide.   


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