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Proto Labs Approves Materials for Export

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Officials from leading quick-turn parts manufacturer announce the addition of several new materials

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Manufacturing Group February 13, 2013

Proto Labs Inc. officials announce the availability of new high-temperature resins as well as new metals for manufactured parts exported out of the United States.

Beginning immediately, international customers can upload their 3D CAD model at the Protomold website www.protomold.com, and have quick-turn injection molded parts made in a variety of high temperature resins including ULTEM* (PEI) and PEEK. Additionally, machined parts made of aluminum, steel, and several grades of stainless steel are now available for export at the Firstcut website www.firstcut.com. Customers uploading parts will quickly receive back an interactive quote within hours, from which they can easily place an order.

“We are excited to announce the addition of these additional materials for export to our international customers,” says Brad Cleveland, president and CEO, Proto Labs Inc. “These additional materials complement the hundreds of existing engineering-grade options we currently offer, and allow us to make a wider variety of parts for our customers.”

*ULTEM™ is a trademark of SABIC.

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