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AutoFuser Disposable Pain Pump Controls Meds

Manufacturing Group | February 25, 2013

Teleflex strengthens the Arrow pain management portfolio with the addition of a new product.

Teleflex Inc. officials announce the addition of the AutoFuser disposable pain pump to its portfolio of Arrow pain management products. The AutoFuser pump is designed to provide an accurate and flexible method to deliver analgesic medication for continuous peripheral nerve block or site-specific applications, helping physicians to take control of patients’ post-operative pain to promote faster recovery and reduce overall length of stay.

The addition of the AutoFuser pain pumps to the Teleflex portfolio is a result of the company's recent acquisition of substantially all of the assets of LMA International N.V.

“The practice of regional anesthesia continues to grow at an impressive rate,” states Cary Vance, president, Anesthesia and Respiratory Division. “The addition of AutoFuser pumps to our portfolio of pain management products, which includes the Arrow StimuCath peripheral nerve block catheter, positions Teleflex to capitalize on this growth while meeting the needs of our core customer.”

AutoFuser pain pumps are available in three different sizes with a selection of fixed or variable basal infusion rates, allowing physicians to customize their patients’ pain protocol. The parallel bolus feature allows patients to administer a controlled amount of additional anesthetic to the target site without interrupting the continuous infusion of medication, providing an effective method to manage breakthrough pain, which is a common post-operative challenge. The pump is not manufactured with natural rubber latex, supporting many hospitals' material safety protocols.

This new disposable pain pump can be used in conjunction with the recently released Arrow FlexBlock continuous peripheral nerve block catheter. The FlexBlock catheter features an echogenic, coil-reinforced design that offers a combination of ultrasound visibility, flexibility, and excellent kink resistance.

“These two new products further strengthen our presence in the field of pain management,” Vance says. Teleflex’s Arrow Pain Management portfolio includes peripheral nerve block catheters and needles, peripheral nerve stimulators, spinal anesthesia trays, and epidural catheters. Learn more at

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