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High-Performance End Mills Brochure

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Free Brochure Available for Order Directly from M.A. Ford Mfg. Co.

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Manufacturing Group December 10, 2013

M.A. Ford Mfg. Co. Inc. provides a brochure featuring the new high performance 4- and 5-flute end mills, the TuffCut XT. The brochure also includes an expanded offering for the TuffCut XR7, 7-flute high performance end mill. Enhanced tool geometries and improved grinding technology used to manufacture these end mills results in additional strength, lengthening the life of the tool, as well as improving part finishes. The end mills are coated with Altima Blaze, which provides excellent wear resistance, thermal shock stability, and hot hardness. To order this brochure, contact M.A. Ford at 800.553.8024 or 563.391.6220 or e-mail sales@maford.com. M.A. Ford is a leading manufacturer of high performance carbide cutting tools.

Source: M.A. Ford

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