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Turnkey Production Line for Surgical Needles

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One integrated production line, from Jouhsen Bundgens, covers the entire production chain.

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Manufacturing Group December 14, 2013

The machine-engineering expert for wire processing, Jouhsen Bundgens, has developed a production line for surgical needles. The unit is a modular construction that is designed to facilitate a large production output at high speed. Jouhsen Bundgens uses high-precision laser technology manufactured by the Swiss partner ROFIN-LASAG.

The Jouhsen Bundgens machine engineering company of Stolberg/Aachen (Germany) has developed a needle production line especially for the production of austenite needles with small diameter bores. Due to its modular design, the unit is able to integrate all of the necessary manufacturing processes required for the production of surgical needles from the straightened blank to the drilled needle blank. The bending process can also be optionally integrated.

Up to Two Bores per Second
The unit is designed for top speeds: depending on the respective process steps, the unit can produce up to 120 needles per minute. The production line works fully automatically without the need of operator intervention. The machine is designed to accommodate 3-shift-24-hour operation. Servo drives additionally ensure short set-up times.

Precision Drilling with Laser Technology
Maximum positioning accuracy ensures precision results. Jouhsen Bundgens has calibrated this unit to accommodate laser technology manufactured by the Swiss partner ROFIN-LASAG. One laser drills the needles and another laser then rounds off the edges. If necessary, a mechanical drilling station can also be optionally integrated in order to drill larger diameters.

Source: Jouhsen Bundgens

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Hello I have an interest to set up a manufacturing unit for surgical needles in Tunisia, mainly for export. I am looking for a manucaturer who is willing to cooperate in such a project. Thank you for your feedback, Kind regards, Ridha Annabi

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