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Merry Christmas - Layer by Layer

Manufacturing Group | December 20, 2013

It may not be talking about a medical device, but the process can be applied anywhere, even Christmas trees.

Merry Christmas - Layer by Layer

Siemens uses 3D printing processes to speed up gas turbine repair, but Olaf Rehme of Siemens Corporate Technology also uses one of the super-hard special steels that can withstand extreme conditions for his own personal project: printing Christmas trees. 

If you look closely, you'll see the printed tree's fine structure. To make the surfaces completely smooth, 3D printed materials sometimes need to be polished at the end. Rehme gets the print data for his trees from the website 

For Siemens, 3D printing technologies offer substantial business opportunities: If spare parts can be printed out anytime, anywhere, there would be less need for complex spare parts warehousing. 3D printing also makes it possible to produce objects that could not be produced using any other method.

Source: Siemens

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