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Start of the wearable electronics revolution?

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White paper provides insight and information on smart watches, health/lifestyle devices, and medical applications for wearable technology.

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Manufacturing Group February 1, 2014

CAMBRIDGE, England - Plastic Logic is offering a new white paper, “Smart Watches: The Start of the Wearable Electronics Revolution,” which was produced in association with Smithers Apex.

In 2013 talk of wearable technology, especially regarding smartwatches and health/lifestyle products, increased dramatically, as did the number of product concepts appearing online or in the press. This is understandable in the light of figures, which point towards exponential growth in the market for mobile wearable smart devices. However, there also appears to be a common consensus that these devices have yet to realise their full potential.

The potential referred to not only relates to function, but also to form and it is the latter that is usually cited as holding back development, acceptance and take up of wearables. Wearable technology needs to be comfortable, convenient, robust and stylish for it to be compelling enough to sell in volume - something that was not borne out by many of the devices on show at CES 2014.

The white paper provides not only valuable insight and information on smart watches, but also on health/lifestyle devices, smart clothing, and medical applications for wearable technology. It also seeks to outline the substantial market opportunities that exist for the truly compelling wearable applications that possess the convenience, comfort, durability, worthwhile electronic features and aesthetics as to enhance consumers' lifestyles.

For a more detailed picture of the wearables market and the directions it is taking, please visit http://www.plasticlogic.com/ and select the link under Plastic Logic white papers.

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