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MES blueprinting guide

Manufacturing Group | February 5, 2014

Free MES-focused guide from Grantek Systems available to help manufacturers realize far-reaching benefits across their organizations.

Toronto, Ontario – Officials from Grantek Systems Integration are pleased to introduce the “Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Blueprinting Guide.” The free 8-page download will help manufacturing organizations truly understand manufacturing execution systems (MES) in order to realize far-reaching benefits across their organizations.

The “Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Blueprinting Guide” covers a variety of areas that all manufacturers should be up to speed on including: 

  • 3 Main Elements of MES Blueprinting
  • Reasons for MES Blueprinting
  • How MES can unlock the benefits of ERP
  • MES Return-on-Investment
  • Are you ready for MES Blueprinting?
  • Next steps for a successful MES implementation

The guide is geared towards manufacturers’ management and operations teams.

“We created this ‘MES Blueprinting Guide’ because we know implementation of MES is top-of-mind for many manufacturers. However, implementing MES to achieve a full range of benefits can be complex and MES blueprinting is essential to stay on track and achieve ultimate success with MES implementation,” said Dave Patterson, owner of Grantek Systems Integration. “We encourage manufacturing executives and plant managers to take the opportunity to download the free ‘MES Blueprinting Guide.’ It is an excellent tool for fully understanding and developing your MES implementation strategy.”

Manufacturing executives and managers interested in obtaining the guide can download it here. 

“At Grantek, we strive to assist manufacturers in achieving operational excellence in all areas of their organization. We stay on top of industry trends and lead the industry in the release of relevant, actionable guides like the MES Blueprinting Guide and the Machine Safety Guide,” said Michael Lohmeyer, vice president of sales & marketing at Grantek. “We are always exploring ways to provide tools and information to support the manufacturing community whether it is a download, a video or our manufacturing industry blog.”

Grantek delivers operational excellence from strategy through execution. We are trained experts with extensive experience in the manufacturing and ERP environments. We see the whole plant floor and understand manufacturing operations from plant floor to head office.

Our clients are among the most respected manufacturers of global brands, as well as niche manufacturers seeking to outdistance their competition, improve profit margins, and enhance efficiencies.

Source: Grantek Systems Integration 

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