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EWI creates joint venture for technology commercialization

Manufacturing Group | February 21, 2014

EWI will partner with Kentucky's C&W group to bring cutting-edge technology and products to manufacturing.

Columbus, Ohio - Officials from EWI announce the start of a joint venture with Cumberland & Western Resources of Bowling Green, Kentucky, to commercialize newly developed manufacturing technologies. The new enterprise, Edison Industrial Innovations LLC, will identify technologies of significant industrial value, leverage EWI’s expertise to mature them to commercial readiness, and deliver them to market.

According to EWI President and CEO Henry Cialone, “C&W understands high-value industry needs and the paths to take new ideas to the market place. Its support and guidance will bring unprecedented resources to EWI’s innovation teams, and will help speed the transfer of technology to manufacturing in the years to come.”

“We have been greatly impressed by the breadth and depth of EWI's capabilities, as well as their outstanding record of transferring cutting-edge technology from the lab to the real world,” said C&W President Bill Murphree. “We look forward to a long, successful partnership with them."

The new entity, located in Columbus, Ohio, is scheduled to begin operation in March 2014.

Source: EWI

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