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Manufacturing Group | February 26, 2014

The popular design manual from Sapa Extrusions North America is now available on smartphones and tablets.

Rosemont, IL - Looking to reach customers, architects, designers, engineers and a more mobile generation of students, Sapa Extrusions North America has recently converted its popular design manual to an app for use on smartphones and tablets. 

“The design manual has allowed us to communicate the possibilities of using aluminum profiles to multiple audiences,” said Peter Hedman, director of the North American Technical Center at Sapa Extrusions North America. “The app gives us the ability to reach and educate an even broader audience, including the mobile generation, who is interested in learning more about aluminum and its role in their professional future.”

The design manual was originally published in 1980. As the Internet grew in popularity, Sapa introduced an online version of the manual, available to visitors of Sapa’s extrusion-specific websites. This version currently has more than 4,500 registered users, and, with the availability of the app version, Sapa has made the design manual more accessible than ever.

The design manual underlines Sapa’s commitment to supplying extruded aluminum solutions, as well as raising the knowledge level about aluminum profiles within the industry.

The app is available in Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad users, and on Google Play for all Android devices.

Source: Sapa Extrusions North America

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