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Website makes “invisible” parts easy to find

Manufacturing Group | April 21, 2014

What do the Mars Lander, medical devices, and high-performance athletic shoes have in common?

You could stare at them all day and never come up with the right answer. That’s because what they share isn’t visible to the naked eye. Each contains an internal component from the Smalley Steel Ring Co., the world leader in the manufacturing and development of Spirolox retaining rings, constant section rings, and wave springs.

While invisibility is a huge advantage for some technology, when it comes to the Internet, engineering design professionals and other consumers need to be able to sight what they’re after quickly and easily. That’s why Smalley has just launched a full redesign of their website,, which features improved navigation, new functionality, and updated content that reflects the cutting-edge solutions the company offers.

“As Smalley has evolved into a global entity, with worldwide distribution, it’s important that we stay at the forefront of technology,” says Bill McClelland, vice president of engineering. ”We felt the best way to display our manufacturing flexibility and technological edge in the industry was by having a top-notch website.”

The enhanced functionality and improved product landing pages have streamlined the design process for a multitude of applications that include aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, and medical. “The new product detail pages provide engineers with the ability not only to request samples, CAD models, or quotes, but to customize a standard part with ease,” McClelland explains. “And with the addition of our global partner network, international engineers and buyers can now find localized support, as well.”

The revised site also features embedded corporate, engineering, and technical videos that highlight the company’s 50+ year commitment to customers, showcase their manufacturing capabilities, and share critical hands-on, how-to information.

“Now that the new website is up and running, it couldn’t be easier for someone seeking a ring or spring design solution to find exactly what they’re looking for,” McClelland says. “We offer thousands of standard configurations; we don’t charge for tooling of non-standard sizes, and in most cases, we can provide special orders in as little as one to two weeks, no matter how big or small.”

Source: Smalley Steel Ring Co.


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