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Medical design and manufacturing services partnership

Flextronics partners with Ichor Medical Systems to provide supply chain solutions.

Medical design and manufacturing services partnership

San Jose, California – Flextronics, a leading end-to-end supply chain solutions company, announced that its medical group will provide design and manufacturing services to Ichor Medical Systems for the development of its next generation TriGrid DNA Delivery System, an electroporation device used to deliver DNA vaccines and treatments addressing a broad spectrum of disease indications. The TriGrid technology has recently been licensed by Pfizer for the intracellular delivery of their DNA-based cancer vaccines.

"Flextronics is proud to collaborate and provide supply chain solutions that include design and manufacturing for this exciting new technology," said Mark Kemp, president of Flextronics Medical. "With the introduction of TriGrid electroporation, a wide range of promising DNA-based therapies can now be made much more effective. We applaud Ichor on their innovative work to advance therapies that lessen human disease and suffering. We look forward to helping them develop their product, from design to delivery."

Supply chain services for this next generation TriGrid system will be performed at Flextronics facilities in Texas. Flextronics engineers will work with Ichor staff to develop and build the electronic and mechanical components of the device.

Ichor's patented TriGrid Delivery System is the first integrated and fully automated device for electroporation-mediated DNA administration in humans. Electroporation is a potent method for enhancing DNA vaccine delivery with the application of electrical fields at the site of DNA administration, resulting in increased antigen expression, and enhanced immune responses to the encoded antigen.   

"Ichor is pleased to partner with a global organization like Flextronics," said Ichor CEO, Bob Bernard. "Their dedication to quality and comprehensive solutions from design inputs to global distribution is a true asset to Ichor as we move toward rapid and scalable commercialization of the next generation TriGrid for novel DNA-based therapeutic products."

By leveraging its proven manufacturing expertise across industries and established global scale, Flextronics can provide unique and innovative supply chain solutions for its customers' most challenging needs.

Source: Flextronics & Ichor Medical Systems

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