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Parasolid selected by GrabCAD for cloud-based PDM

Siemens’ Parasolid software is emerging as the component of choice for cloud-based solutions.

Parasolid selected by GrabCAD for cloud-based PDM

Cambridge, Massachusetts - GrabCAD Inc. has licensed Siemens’ Parasolid software to provide 3D model interrogation, inspection, and visualization within its Workbench application for cloud-based product data management (PDM). Developed by Siemens’ product lifecycle management (PLM) software business, Parasolid is emerging as the component of choice for cloud-based solution providers who require a 3D geometric modeling kernel. This represents the third major Parasolid license agreement with cloud-based solution providers in the last nine months and the first license for a cloud-based PDM application.  

“Siemens PLM Software has proven itself to be a diligent and progressive market leader, consistently delivering the right PLM component technology that is used by millions of end-users,” said Jon Stevenson, vice president of technology, GrabCAD. “Software vendors that deploy geometry based applications in the cloud need to be confident that the component technologies they select deliver reliable, long-term solutions with superior functionality and proven quality. Parasolid has shown strong performance independent of operating systems and presentation frameworks, making it an ideal solution for cloud-based applications like ours.”

GrabCAD, a venture-backed leader in cloud-based product data management for mechanical computer-aided design (CAD) software, helps engineers get products to market faster by connecting people, content, and technology. GrabCAD Workbench makes it easy for engineers to manage and share CAD files, work with partners and complete projects on time.

“GrabCAD is making significant advances in the way engineers manage and share 3D models in the cloud, regardless of their choice of CAD system,” said Paul Sicking, senior vice president, chief technology office, Siemens PLM Software. “Breaking down the barriers to collaboration aligns with our own open philosophy, so we are excited to work with GrabCAD in pursuit of this important common goal.”

Parasolid, the industry-leading 3D geometric modeling component for computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) solutions, is licensed under an open business model by over 170 independent software vendors that develop and market more than 350 application products. Applications developed using Parasolid are able to exchange geometry data seamlessly, providing translation-free interoperability.

Source: Siemens PLM Software

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