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Norman Noble expands process development centers

Manufacturing Group | June 30, 2014

Dedicated capacity and engineering resources support design and prototyping of customers’ medtech product innovations.

Norman Noble expands process development centers

Highland Heights, OHIO – Medical device contract manufacturer Norman Noble Inc. announced it has expanded its Process Development Centers (PDCs) as part of a broader facility expansion. Norman Noble COO Chris Noble, said the company’s process development centers are central to its customers’ ability to bring next-generation medtech devices to market quickly and cost effectively while meeting quality, delivery and regulatory requirements. The facility expansion enables Norman Noble to support a higher volume of new projects that can be run concurrently.

The next life-saving vascular or orthopedic implant from today’s medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) may already exist on paper. For these medtech manufacturers, the clinical and conceptual engineering challenges of device development are rivaled only by the challenges of commercialization. Norman Noble, Inc., the leading contract manufacturer of next generation medical implants, works closely with its customers in its dedicated PDCs to develop unique manufacturing processes and prototypes. 

Norman Noble’s Process Development Centers support customers with ultra-precision micromachining of medical devices from initial prototype through all stages of FDA approval to full-scale manufacturing. The expansion includes additional manufacturing equipment capacity and resources for each of the following process development centers: 

  • Swiss turning and milling
  • Laser machining and welding
  • 5-axis contour milling
  • NiTinol shape setting
  • Surface finishing and electropolishing

Each process development center team has experienced engineers that work closely with Norman Noble quality and process validation experts and production staff. 

“Our customers are focused on improving and even saving lives through the advancement of medical device technology,” said Noble. “We facilitate that by ensuring they can bring those devices to market profitably and at the highest level of quality. In many cases, because of our proprietary capabilities, we are producing devices where commercial production would be cost prohibitive or simply impossible using the standard manufacturing methods available.”

Norman Noble customers that engage the company’s independent Process Development Centers benefit from:

  • Prototype manufacturing services in dedicated departments for each manufacturing method  
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM) services to reduce cost and time-to-market by up to half
  • Access to Norman Noble’s innovative machining and finishing technologies especially projects involving exotic materials, including NiTinol, magnesium, and bioresorbable materials
  • Process validation services and quality engineering support

Source: Norman Noble Inc.

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