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IMTS 2014 Conference: Lean Manufacturing in a High-mix/Low-volume Shop

Manufacturing Group | July 25, 2014

Implementing low-inventory, cost-saving processes for smaller companies.

IMTS 2014 Conference: Lean Manufacturing in a High-mix/Low-volume Shop

 Chicago – Make plans to attend the IMTS 2014 Conferences to learn about  Implementing Lean as a Initiative in a High Mix/Low Volume Job Shop.

DATE: Wednesday, September 10 from 2:15 PM - 3:10 PM   ROOM: W-192C

SPEAKER: Victoria L. McCartney, Director of Professional Services, Exact Software North America LLC

High mix, low volume job shops have been challenged implementing lean techniques because traditional initiatives and techniques were designed for manufacturing environments that are the exact opposite of most custom, make-to-order manufacturers. As a result, most lean initiatives have been tactical in nature and focus on simple 5S concepts. However, there are techniques that can be adapted in specific ways for job shops that will allow them to achieve significant results including streamlined manufacturing processes and reduced work in process and finished goods inventory. This session will focus on key areas of implementing lean in a job shop as a strategic business initiative.

The educational and informative conferences run Sept. 8-11, 2014 in the West Building, Level 1. To register for this or any session, visit

Source: IMTS

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