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TMD Staff | August 7, 2014

Increase competitiveness and profitability

Inside its IMTS 2014 booth, Mazak will demonstrate 21 advanced machine tools cutting parts for a range of industries. Machines making their public premier include the Horizontal Center Universal 4000 and 5000, Integrex j-200S, Integrex e-1600-V10S, Quick Turn Universal 300 MY, and Quick Turn Universal S-220 MY.

Mazak designed the Integrex j-200S multi-tasking machine to bring value, precision, and throughput to the production of complex medium-sized parts. It features a main 5,000rpm turning spindle, 12,000rpm milling spindle, and a second turning spindle for Done-In-One capabilities, meaning it can complete machining in single setups and improve overall part accuracy.

The highly versatile Quick Turn Universal 300 MY turning center with a 3" bar capacity is designed for job shops looking to cost effectively add advanced multi-tasking and automation into their operations. Featuring milling and Y-axis capabilities, the machine can process parts made from aluminum, steel, cast iron, and alloys in single setups.

Through its turning, milling, and off-centerline-machining capabilities, the new Quick Turn Universal S-220 MY brings productivity and value to job shops by processing precision parts in single setups. Its headstock features an 8" chuck and 2.5" diameter bar capacity mounted on a 6,000rpm turning spindle for highly effective metal removal.

Among the digital manufacturing solutions the company will spotlight inside its booth include factory simulation software that helps manufacturers visualize how Mazak machine tools and the Mazak Palletech Automation System, when paired together in the right combination, can streamline operations.

The MTConnect open-source, royalty-free manufacturing protocol will also be a hot topic inside the booth. Booth visitors will learn the basics of MTConnect and how it sets the standard communication method for retrieving data from manufacturing equipment, and how Mazak actively supports MTConnect as a way to provide total manufacturing solutions. Using its Kentucky factory as an example, Mazak will show real-time monitoring of its manufacturing operations using the MTConnect open communications protocol inside its IMTS booth.

Mazak Corp.
IMTS 2014 booth #S-8300

Learn more about Mazak technology, presentations, and solutions at IMTS 2014 by visiting


CNC innovations improve performance, ease of use

FANUC’s new Series 0i-F CNC is the latest generation of the Series 0i CNC that now has commonality of design to the versatile Series 30i CNC and a 15" display option. The Series 0i-F boasts common operability, maintainability, and networking options as the Series 30i CNC along with having a highly compatible PMC ladder. This translates to easier operation and maintenance across the plant floor. The seamless combination of using the same motors, amplifiers, and peripheral devices (safety machine operator’s panel, I/O module/unit, iPendant, interface unit for handy machine operator’s panel) as the Series 30i further simplifies the ease of use and maintenance of the Series 0i-F. Seamless and common PMC functions among both the 0i-F and 30i-B CNCs include: multi-path PMC, ladder dividing management, function block, multi-language comment and I/O Link i. With an increased axis number of nine total controlled axes for a one-path system for both 0i-MD (milling) and 0i-TD (turning) and a two-path system now available on the 0i-MF with 11 total controlled axes, the Series 0i-F is more versatile to improve machining performance. Additional new features on the Series 0i-F include: 15" display, I/O Link i, FSSB high speed rigid tapping, function for loader control, tolerance control, axis name expansion, program folder management, quick program restart, flexible path axis assignment, multi-path PMC function, ladder dividing management, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET.

FANUC’s CNC platform allows for enhanced CNC functionality using PC technology. Built-in Bluetooth on the CNC allows for the use of wireless technology that can operate a CNC by keyboard or mouse, and (via remote desktop) makes it possible to transfer data between a tablet and CNC.

IMTS 2014 booth #S-8919

Learn about FANUC’s medical industry offerings at


Additions to the precision bar turning marketplace

The FMB 20-100 bar feeder unit expands on the already established line of hydrodynamic 12ft. through 24ft. bar loading magazine feeders. Quick-change polyurethane guide channels allow for quiet operation at high rotations per minute while feeding round, square, or hex bar stock. This unit offers a one-size channel set that automatically adjusts for all material sizes. This feeder is compatible with all types of sliding or fixed, CNC- or cam-operated lathes with spindle bores up to 102mm.

With the unit weighing more than 8,200 lb, vibration from bent bars is kept to a minimum. Double-pusher space-saving design is 4ft shorter than single pusher bar feeders.

Bars are placed in the storage magazine at the side of the guide channel. This area features a loading capacity of 11". The new bar is automatically positioned in the lathe ready for facing before the first component is produced. Loading time for a 12ft bar is 30 seconds. Maximum adjustable feeding speed is 700mm per second and maximum adjustable return speed is 1,000mm per second.

The bar remnants are withdrawn to the back end of the magazine and a gripper extracts it out of the collet and deposits it in a remnant basket. The gripping device is used to both insert the new bar into the bar stock collet and to extract the remnant. It is not necessary to chamfer the bar if it is cleanly cut. No adjustment for bar size is necessary and it is completely self-centering. Bar pusher collet changes can be done less than 1 minute.

Edge Technologies
IMTS 2014 booth #S8348

View the range of bar feeder offerings from Edge Technologies at

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