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Thorough, quick, inexpensive project estimate

Manufacturing Group | August 16, 2014

eInfochips turns great ideas into commercially available products with the Idea Lab.

Thorough, quick, inexpensive project estimate

Sunnyvale, California – Officails from eInfochips, a lproduct engineering services company announced a program to help innovative thinkers turn their great ideas into commercially available products. The new eInfochips Idea Lab serves novices and experts who understand a customer need, have a concept or product idea to meet that need, but don’t have the experience or engineering resources to design the product. For technology novices, the Idea Lab process emphasizes easy-to-understand feedback at each step of the design process. For product experts, the Idea Lab advanced design team stands ready to push the limits of the latest silicon, system, and software design technology. With the Idea Lab, limited technology know-how is no more a limitation in building custom products or software.

“The medical community includes a large pool of highly experienced doctors with a lot of great product ideas, but with a lack of product design or technology expertise,” said Frank Berry, senior analyst, IT Brand Pulse. “The Idea Lab makes it easy for technologists like this to leverage what it takes to evaluate, design, and manufacture a product.”

Parag Mehta, the chief marketing and business development officer at eInfochips said, “The Idea Lab has already designed complex HD video cameras, wireless scanners and video management software for Global 1,000 clients who didn’t have the specialized expertise needed to develop the products.”

The biggest obstacle to making a great idea into a commercially available product is getting started. The Idea Lab helps customers overcome that obstacle with a preliminary project estimate that is the design world’s most thorough, quick, and inexpensive. Within 30 days of submitting a design evaluation request, customers will understand the time and cost of getting their product to market. Once the project is scoped, the Idea Lab team will provide some or all of the design and manufacturing services, depending on the specific needs of each customer. Download case studies showing products developed by the Idea Lab at

Source: eInfochips

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