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Iscar partners with Machining Cloud GmbH

Manufacturing Group | August 19, 2014

Machining Cloud's mission is to provide the manufacturing community a single-source of access to complete and up-to-date product data.

Iscar partners with Machining Cloud GmbH

Iscar Ltd. has partnered with Machining Cloud GmbH to publish Iscar's product data onto the cloud, making it readily available for customers to directly feed their CNC programming, machine simulation, and machine tool setup and operations.

"Having direct access to the Iscar cutting-tool product data on the cloud reduces the frustration and time associated with obtaining the tooling information needed for running their CAM systems, tool-management software, cutting-tool presetters, and machine tools," says Stephane Julien, cloud evangelist for Machining Cloud GmbH. "This collaboration helps Iscar customers to increase their productivity by offering instant access to the company's complete and up-to-date cutting tool data, without the hassle of searching through printed catalogs and various websites to find ideal tooling and then manually entering the data into the shop's software."

Machining Cloud's mission is to provide the manufacturing community a single-source of access to complete and up-to-date product data from leading manufacturers of cutting tools, machine tools and workholding. Using the Machining Cloud tablet and desktop apps, users have access to a rich set of software features including selector, configurator, job management, reporting and commerce. Through the Machining Cloud, Iscar's product data – descriptive, usage, and geometric information and application knowledge - will be more accessible to a larger group of its customers and may be transferred directly into their data-hungry shop equipment.

"This partnership will create significant value and time savings by providing a solution to facilitate the flow of product data from Iscar to their customers," says Meir Noybauer, business development manager at Iscar Ltd. "The cloud-computing technology that has dramatically changed the shape of industries such as music, television, news, social networking, and many others is now materializing in the metalworking market with Machining Cloud."

Iscar is the largest of the 15 companies comprising the IMC (International Metalworking Companies). Together, they supply a dynamic comprehensive line of precision carbide metalworking tools. These companies produce a wide range of carbide inserts, carbide endmills and cutting tools, covering most metal cutting applications. IMC also provides engineering and manufacturing solutions to major industries throughout the world. Many innovative products, designed especially for customer requirements, have made the IMC a world leader in the major manufacturing industries such as automotive, aerospace and die & mold.

The Machining Cloud apps run on Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 powered desktop computers, as well as Android tablets and iPads. Through these feature-rich, modern, cloud-based apps, the product data is always up-to-date and available anytime, from any location and any device. By utilizing industry standards – including ISO13399, STEP, GTC, and MTConnect – the Machining Cloud becomes a neutral platform open to all partners and suppliers, making it suitable for the needs of most shops.

Source: Machining Cloud GmbH

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