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July 2014



New design standards reduce the risk of misconnection

Developed more than 100 years ago, the universal design of the small-bore connector has made it easy to administer medication, oxygen, and fluids, among other therapeutic uses. Unfortunately, this simplicity also introduced vulnerabilities by allowing connections between devices that were not intended to connect – for example, unintentionally delivering nutrition through an airway, or oxygen through an intravenous port.

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Helping the heart heal itself

Rapid prototyping accelerates development of a circulatory support pump – Aortix – that once implanted, will let the heart rest and heal without surgery.

Medical Devices

The relationship that led to the first angioplasty surgery

It’s been 50 years since Dr. Charles Dotter performed the very first angioplasty surgery in January 1964. Credited as the Father of Interventional Radiology, Dotter was an eccentric visionary who foresaw and developed medical innovations at a tremendous pace. His relationship with then little-known entrepreneur, Bill Cook, jump-started some of the industry’s most revolutionary inventions that continue to transform the medical world today.


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Re-shaping medical devices

University of Texas at Dallas researchers create implantable transistors that wrap around tissues while maintaining electronic properties.

Components 4 Design

Wheelchairs for off-road use

Stieber Clutch components is helping Mountain Trike all-terrain wheelchair manufacturer along the road to success.

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Expert Design

Exoskeleton development

Parker Hannifin’s Human Motion & Control business unit continues to refine the design of Indego, a powered orthotic that allows paraplegics to stand and walk.

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Prescription for joint success

A customer-first culture has been crucial to STD Med’s success since its inception in 1953. In fact, its distinguished customer service has been a major driver to enable STD Med to evolve from an everyday job shop to a provider of intricate pieces to the medical field and also the aerospace and military industries.

Small World

Microneedles for needle-free injections

DebioJect overcomes challenges of classical intradermal delivery techniques.

Technical Solutions

Benefits of a networked plant

Mazak’s MTConnect networked plant shows global manufacturers that through the Internet of Everything, plants can achieve dramatic improvements through connectivity.

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