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Moving their legs


Epidural electrical stimulation of the spinal cord has four men paralyzed in their lower extremities moving their legs.

Off the shelf, on the skin


Stick-on electronic patches for health monitoring, University of Illinois Study

Electric 'thinking cap' controls learning speed


Cram sessions are routine occurrences on any college campus. But what if there was a better, safer way to learn new or difficult material?

FDA approvals of new pacemakers


First pacemaker with quadripolar technology from St. Jude Medical Inc. is now available in the United States

Helping to hear, again


FDA approves the first implantable hearing device for adults with a certain kind of hearing loss.

Insight from [MC]2 MTConnect improves operations


Mazak to share key MTConnect advantages at [MC]2 2014 conference; implementation at Ky. plant gathers valuable data.

Wireless, product safety, int’l approval capabilities added


National Technical Systems key facility services cover low power devices, information technology equipment, and medical devices,

Drug delivery device that could restore hearing


Draper Laboratory demonstrates new advances miniaturizing a drug delivery device that could help patients recover from hearing loss.

Squeezing light into metals


University of Utah engineers control conductivity with inkjet printer.

Can a prosthetic limb feel?


Physiatrist and engineer Todd Kuiken is building a prosthetic arm that connects with the human nervous system — improving motion, control and even feeling.

Complete medical check-up on a chip


About the size of a stapler, this new handheld device developed at EFPL tests large numbers of proteins all at one.

Building nursery 2.0


With a sensor-based onesie that tracks a baby’s health, MIT spinout Rest Devices is bringing innovation to baby monitoring.

FDA nod for Puritan Bennett 980 ventilator


The new acute care ventilator from Covidien helps enable patients to breathe more naturally through innovative technology.

Electrodes market projected to reach US$1.9B


High prevalence of chronic diseases spurs demand for electrodes for medical devices, according to a new report by GIA.

Wireless transceiver technology for medical devices


Complies with the 400MHz-band international standard, consumes one-tenth the power of previous models, lightens the burden on patients.

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