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Device designed to replace failing aortic heart valves


CoreValve system enables physicians to treat patients with aortic stenosis who are unable to undergo surgery.

Cardio-defib system allows for full-body MRI scans


Evera MRI ICD system is first to combine proven treatment performance, increased longevity, improved comfort with full-body MRI access.

Scientists try 3D printer to build human heart


It may sound far-fetched, but scientists are attempting to build a human heart with a 3D printer.

Pacemaker with event-triggered IEGM transmissions


BIOTRONIK pacemaker series offers daily automatic data transmission without relying on patient interaction

FDA OK for spinal cord stimulation system


Protégé upgradeable neurostimulator is the world's smallest, longest-lasting rechargeable device to treat chronic pain.

‘Mini heart’ invented to help return venous blood


“We are suggesting, for the first time, to use stem cells to create, rather than just repair damaged organs,” says Narine Sarvazyan, PhD.

3D heart sock could replace pacemaker


The 'heart sock' is made of a thin silicone membrane embedded with flexible sensors that can monitor vital signs.

Small wireless pacemaker is safe, effective in early testing


A new small, wireless self-contained pacemaker appears safe and feasible for use in patients, according to a small study in the AHA journal Circulation.

FDA approvals of new pacemakers


First pacemaker with quadripolar technology from St. Jude Medical Inc. is now available in the United States

Expanded FDA clearance for AngioVac


AngioVac, when combined with other manufacturers' filters, pumps and return cannula, comprise an extracorporeal bypass circuit.

60cm Diamondbacks compatible with 4Fr introducer


FDA clearance for low profile, 60cm Diamondback devices designed to expand the treatment of peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Free entry for long-distance runners benefiting from med-tech


Global Heroes selected entries will receive entry and travel to the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon or Medtronic TC 10 Mile in October.

CE mark for REBEL platinum chromium coronary stent system


Newest bare metal stent technology features advanced architecture and provides physicians with enhanced treatment option for patients.

Heart failure patients getting second chance


New smaller SynCardia total artificial heart will expand life-saving therapy to all adults and many adolescents.

CE approval of the first 4F MR conditional lead


An ultra-thin lead, it enables access to particularly challenging vessels and offers expanded pacing options.

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