Active versus Passive Scanning for Multi-Point Measurement

There are two available contact-scanning technologies: passive and active. Passive scanning probe heads use springs to hold the stylus in its neutral position and strain gauges to measure deflection as it is moved by contours of the surface being measured. Active scanning probe heads use software-controlled electromagnets and force controllers in place of springs and strain gauges.


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Simplified 5-Axis Machining

The appeal of multi-axis machine tools is obvious to machine shops of all sizes. These machines typically require only one setup to machine an entire part, saving time and improving accuracy between operations. These advanced machines also have the capability to change the tool axis direction in order to reach machinable areas with shorter, more rigid tools or to reach undercut zones that could not be cut at all with standard methods. These benefits make it easy to justify the cost of upgrading to the latest technology.

Implementing the 5S Workplace Organization Methodology Programs in Manufacturing Facilities

Benefits to the companies from using the 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) methodology include raising quality, lowering costs, promoting safety, building customer confidence, increasing factory up-time and lowering repair costs. Lista International assists companies in implementing 5S methods as part of the lean manufacturing programs to drive waste out of manufacturing processes. The Lista products offer waste elimination through space reduction, organization improvement and inventory management.

Taking the guesswork out of pneumatic control
Here's a step-by-step approach to efficiently designing systems that work right the first time.

Technical Guide: How to Match Today's Laser Cutting Technology to Application Requirements
The continuing improvements in best-in-class laser cutting technology have not only made incorporation of laser cutting into flexo print operations a reality, but also allowed the combination of digital printing with digital cutting (a.k.a. laser cutting) to bring more variable data products into the world at highly competitive prices.

Demystifying Ball Spline Specs
There is the right ball spline for an endless number of automated operations: Robotics, inspection, spinning, loading, coating, wire winding, grinding, indexing, die setting, transferring, conveyance, molding, drafting, measuring, optical measuring, welding, riveting, printing, book-binding, packaging, filling, pressing and more.

Spotlight on Medical Device Manufacturing
Medical device manufacturers have long marketed their products with limited
concern for costs. But today, an aging population and skyrocketing medical
costs are prompting private insurers and government payers worldwide to
limit reimbursements for medical devices.

Building a better CMM — real-world performance for real-world solutions
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are used in practically every industry that requires precise dimensional inspection of manufactured parts. In today's competitive environment, manufacturers demand CMMs that are accurate, reliable, fast, economical, and provide maximum flexibility with respect to operating environment.

Tap Into Blue Chip Metrology Expertise
The business of manufacturing is a colossal world of outsourcing: from product design to parts to services. This practice makes it possible to leverage expertise when you need it. In a field such as metrology where the difficulty of finding and training qualified staff remains an industry-wide issue, outsourcing is a growing nationwide trend.

A Brief Discussion of Speed Increasers
Gearing Solutions Inc.
When a speed reducer may be used as a speed increaser, when it cannot, and why.



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