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Linear Arc Motors

Linear Arc Motors

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Applimotion February 8, 2013

Applimotion routinely scales its LARC motors (Linear Arc) for large diameter applications greater than 1m diameter.  The modular nature of these motors allows them to integrate with large assemblies for scanning, imaging, and metrology applications where size requirements take priority over high torque requirements. 

LARC motors come in modular pieces and will bolt into any large diameter servo motor application. The motors operate from standard brushless motor amplifiers from 24 to 300 volts. They work nicely with encoders, resolvers, or the recently introduce magnetic encoders for direct drive applications.

The LARC motors also offer very low profile design to fit into tight spaces where traditional motors have limitations. Applimotion also offers hermetically sealed magnet tracks and coil assemblies for vacuum or special environments.
If you don’t have the time or experience designing custom electro-mechanical assemblies with motor components inside, Applimotion can turn-key the project for you. Design engineers are experienced and available to talk with your about your needs and quickly work to a solution.