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MRI compatible ventilator cleared in US

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Hamilton Medical’s MR1 approved for use in MRI machines; can be safely positioned near the MRI scanner.

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Manufacturing Group February 17, 2014

Bonaduz, Switzerland-based Hamilton Medical has received FDA approval to bring its medical device, an MR compatible ventilator, to the United States. The HAMILTON-MR1 features a gaussmeter that displays the magnetic field’s shape and strength around itself, helping clinicians to safely position the unit near the MRI scanner. If the device detects a strong magnetic field, it sounds an alarm to get it out of the magnet’s effective range. 

The main unit is intended to be located at a magnetic field strength of 500 gauss or less without affecting the imaging of the scanner. Even when not ventilating, the HAMILTON-MR1 always monitors the magnetic field around itself since it can reside in the scanner room waiting for patients on standard ventilators coming from the ICU.

Source: Hamilton Medical

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