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IBAG North America

80 Republic Drive North Haven CT 06473

ph: (203) 407-0397 fax: (203) 407-0516

IBAG North America is headquartered in a modern plant in North Haven Connecticut, an established New England community where traditional values of education and craftsmanship have become the foundation for a growing complex of commerce, industry and high technology. IBAG's dedicated facility includes applications engineering as well as full spindle repair and rebuilding services. Spindles are run in a test area with all data recorded for customer assurance. IBAG's wide variety of vacuum work holding systems undergo similar rigid testing procedures. From individual components to total integration. IBAG's strict care and attention to detail is designed to provide you with the very best high speed cutting system you can buy.

IBAG North America designs and manufactures a broad range of advanced high speed milling spindle systems. With maximum speeds up to 140,000 RPM, and power levels up to 130 HP, IBAG can supply the high speed spindle for your unique application. If your manufacturing operation mills, grinds, or drills, a high speed spindle can increase production, lower costs, and improve overall efficiency. IBAG high speed speed spindles use the most advanced bearing technology available today, including hybrid ceramic angular contact ball bearings, high precision air bearings, active magnetic and fluid (oil and water) bearing systems. The bearing system used will depend on your application and specific requirements. IBAG spindles are manufactured in a modern, ISO certified factory in Lindau, Switzerland. IBAG North America is located in North Haven, Connecticut. From this location we provide sales, technical service, applications engineering, systems integration services and consulting. Other IBAG facilities are located worldwide. A complete IBAG spindle system includes the motor spindle, bearing lubrication components, electronic spindle motor drive package, and spindle cooling unit. The support systems are engineered and built in the USA, to provide long, dependable service. Custom systems are also possible, with special mechanical bracketry, electrical interfacing, and system monitoring to integrate with your CNC. To successfully introduce a high speed spindle into an existing manufacturing process, it is necessary to have knowledge and experience. For over seventeen years, IBAG North America has sold, installed, engineered and serviced high speed spindles. Please contact us to find out how IBAG can supply a high speed spindle system for your manufacturing process.