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IMTS 2014 Conference: 3D Scanners and Their Positioning Method

Manufacturing Group | August 7, 2014

A guide for selecting the right device

IMTS 2014 Conference: 3D Scanners and Their Positioning Method

Chicago – Make plans to attend the IMTS 2014 Conferences to learn about 3D Scanners and Their Positioning Method: A Guide for Selecting the Right Device.

DATE: Wednesday, September 10 from 9:00 AM - 9:55 AM   ROOM: W-192B
SPEAKER: Daniel Brown, Product Manager, Creaform
This presentation aims to help individuals and companies select the type of 3D scanner that is right for them. The market nowadays is full of different types of products, different system categories, as well as, often, several different manufacturers for each category. This can make the selection of a 3D scanner both difficult and confusing. To make things simpler, we categorized 3D scanner categories according to one of their main features: the positioning method they use. 
The positioning method is defined as how a system captures the 3D space and then aligns the data collected during the scanning phase together. By analyzing the different scanners on the market on that specific angle, readers will be able to understand the different benefits and limitations of each scanner category, and make a more informed choice.
• 3D scanner types & their positioning methods
• Positioning methods for portable 3D scanners
• Positioning methods comparison
• Application comparison
The educational and informative conferences run Sept. 8-11, 2014 in the West Building, Level 1. To register for this or any session, visit
Source: IMTS

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