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IMTS 2014 Conference: Increasing Part-Inspection

Manufacturing Group | August 5, 2014

There is a great need for inline quality inspection and control.

IMTS 2014 Conference: Increasing Part-Inspection

Chicago – Make plans to attend the IMTS 2014 Conferences to learn about Increasing Part-Inspection Throughput Using Inline Optical Sensors.

DATE: Wednesday, September 10 from 1:15 PM - 2:10 PM   ROOM: W-195

SPEAKER: Thomas Tong, Global Sales Manager, LMI Technologies

There is a great need for inline quality inspection and control that will work at the same rate that parts get manufactured. For that to work, optical technologies are often a key component to the part inspection process. This talk will discuss the various strategies and applications where optical sensors are a natural fit versus scenarios where they are not. In additional, it will discuss the different types of measurement technology used in the metrology room and how it differs from the technology being used on the shop floor. The talk will also explore how the technology in the metrology room is slowly being integrated directly on to the assembly line. 

Differently types of optical, laser scanning and structured light scanning technologies will be reviewed, dissected, and common implementation problems discussed. The attendee will walk away with an understanding of how the latest optical scanning technologies can improve their company’s part inspection processes.

The educational and informative conferences run Sept. 8-11, 2014 in the West Building, Level 1. To register for this or any session, visit

Source: IMTS

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