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SideWinder Vise

SideWinder Vise

Toolholders, Workholding, Workholding/Fixturing

Kurt Manufacturing Co. February 8, 2013

Kurt’s New SideWinder vise provides vertical workholding for second operation machining in the same setup by easily mounting to the back of all Kurt industry standard 6" vises.

The SideWinder vise is ideal for all types of machining operations, including precision boring, tapping, drilling and finishing with accuracy on most part configurations. The SideWinder vise has a robust 80,000psi ductile iron body. Additional features include integral bracket with stabilization feature allowing mounting to the machine table on the movable end of the vise, and a workstop to allow vertical positioning of the part. The elevated position allows for longer reach machining that does not interfere with the operating envelope of the host vise. Featuring the original Kurt Anglock design for decreasing jaw deflection, the new SideWinder vise distributes clamping force evenly and precisely across the full jaw surface.