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Methods Machine Tools Inc.

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Methods Machine Tools Inc.

65 Union Ave Sudbury MA 01776

ph: (978) 443-5388 fax: (978) 440-9405





Ensuring your success with our nation wide Application Engineering Group and the experience of 1000’s of customer installations.

Improving your profitability, market share and growth with Innovative Automation and Robotic Solutions

Customizing world class machine tools into Leading Edge Manufacturing Solutions that work for you.

Methods Finance makes it simple to acquire your productivity solution, at one low monthly cost




Methods Machine Tools has been working with a diverse group of customers spanning different industries for over 50 years. We can design a solution and improve your accuracy, productivity, and process from start to finish. From job shop automation to complex 5-axis machining centers for around the clock production, we have the experience to meet your needs.

If you have a metalworking challenge, we would love to hear about it and show you how Methods can keep you ahead of the curve and in front of the competition.