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MTI Systems, Inc.

59 Interstate Drive West Springfield MA 01089

ph: (413) 733-1972 fax: (413) 739-9250

MTI Systems strives to provide quality and value to its customers through: Innovative, flexible, user friendly software designed to give our customers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Providing the highest level of customer service and support. Focusing our efforts on the ever-changing needs of our customers by providing new products and services to meet those needs year after year.

Founded in 1982, MTI Systems is an internationally recognized leader in the development of cost estimating software solutions for the manufacturing industry. Our products and services are utilized by companies, both big and small, in nearly every manufacturing sector, including: automotive, aerospace, electronics, heavy equipment, consumer products and defense. MTI Systems has leveraged our real-world manufacturing experience to deliver a comprehensive range of cost estimating solutions to the industry. By using our solutions, organizations of all sizes, including small to midsize companies, can reduce costs and increase profits. MTI Systems is dedicated to delivering first class software solutions that enhance our customers' profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace. We have a passion for consistently delivering innovative cost estimating solutions to the companies we serve. We thank our clients for the faith they have placed in us and for the tremendous growth and success that they have helped us achieve for the past 25 years.


MTI Systems is a leading provider of Computer-Aided Cost Estimating (CACE) solutions for the manufacturing industry, serving both OEM's and their suppliers. Our solutions are designed with the knowledge of the critical challenges facing manufacturers today and have been proven to help them achieve superior competitiveness through the reduction of costs and increased profitability. MTI Systems is proud to have implemented our solutions at over 1,000 companies with over 10,000 trained users since our inception in 1982. Costimator OEM: Costimator OEM provides OEMs with the knowledge they need to identify and understand the cost drivers in the parts they design, manufacture and procure. By breaking down and quantifying the true costs of manufactured parts and assemblies, Costimator OEM allows companies to implement uniform and predictable costing strategies while reducing throughout the product lifecycle. Costimator JS: Costimator JS provides job shops with a fast, accurate, and consistent method to estimate cycle times and costs for quoting and process planning purposes; enabling them to bid with confidence and optimize their ability to win profitable contracts. ShouldCost Estimating Service (SES): SES, a division of MTI Systems, comprises a team of cost engineering experts with over 100 years of manufacturing and cost estimating experience. SES engineers utilize MTI Systems' industry leading cost estimating program, Costimator OEM, to explore different methods of manufacturing parts through alternative processes, materials and machinery. The detailed cost data the service provides allows manufacturing companies to identify cost reduction opportunities throughout the product development lifecycle, from design to procurement.