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Metrologic Laser Radar

Metrologic Laser Radar

Computer Software, Lasers, Sensors

Nikon Metrology January 25, 2013

Nikon Metrology Inc. (NMI) offers a new software breakthrough with Metrologic Group, providing a complete set of new functionalities and applications for Laser Radar, and other NMI products.

Metrologic has combined large-scale capabilities into its popular Metrologic software, now offering large-scale point clouds with fully automated functionalities.  These include edge detection, curve, and surface-based feature extraction, best in class GD&T, high-performance point-cloud analysis, and a single interface throughout the range of Nikon Metrology’s product line. 

“Analyzing and using point cloud data generated by any of Nikon Metrology’s laser scanning products including our Laser Radar, is now easier than ever," says Robert Wasilesky, senior vice president, Sales, the Americas for Norton. "The combination of the Nikon G3 Laser Radar and Metrolog X4 software is a true innovation in manufacturing and measurement, delivering automation, ease of use, and enabling customers to guarantee product performance and quality while sustaining maximum production efficiencies.”