DockLock Zero-Point Workholding System

DockLock Zero-Point Workholding System

Kurt Manufacturing Co.

Quickly align and setup any part on any machine with Kurt’s DockLock zero-point workholding system. The DockLock system provides the fastest, most accurate and repeatable method for making setup changes on all types of horizontal and vertical machining centers.

With repeatable positioning accuracy to ± 0.0002” on a typical part setup, the DockLock system ensures high quality finishes, no scrap parts and substantial setup time reduction. For example, a typical workholding setup change requiring 20 minutes using standard methods is done in less than two minutes with the DockLock from Kurt Workholding.

Operation is simple. The DockLock allows the user to locate or remove the workholding from a machine, or move it offline or to another machine and/or back again in just seconds with zero-point accuracy every time.

Available in pneumatic and hydraulic models, DockLock systems may be ordered in standard, automatic and heavy duty models for most applications. The hydraulic DockLock Safe 20 model consists of a patented hydraulic actuated locking cylinder that instantly aligns and locks a vise or fixture with a clamp down force of 2,800 lb per locking cylinder (12,456N) and with a retention force of 9,000 lb per locking cylinder (40,033N). For other models, the Safe 30 has a clamp down force of 20,000N, retention force of 60,000N, and the Safe 50 has a clamp down force of 30,000N, retention force of 90,000N.

Once positioned, the workholding remains immobile using the DockLock. A uniquely designed collet connection dampens vibration tendencies in the workholding setup, which is an important design feature.

“The DockLock system is a proven workholding system used throughout Europe,” reports Mike Chester, technical service representative for Kurt Industrial Products. “U.S. machine operators have grown to like it because of its simplicity and ease of use. The top down design makes the fixture handling process effortless. With few components, the system is easy to keep free of chips and coolant. Also, the system’s rugged design requires minimal maintenance and ensures long life through repeated use.”