MaxLock Model 5-Axis Vises

MaxLock Model 5-Axis Vises

Kurt Manufacturing Co.

Kurt expands its 5-axis vise offering with the addition of two new MaxLock models. These are smaller models with a 2.5” and a 4.5” jaw width in addition to the present 4” jaw width model.

The new, smaller MaxLock models are designed for precision small part machining. They are ideal for clamping parts for continuous 5-axis cutting motion of complex pockets, sculptured, and contoured surfaces, and intricate 3D features with repeatable high precision.

The MaxLock has a self-centering design along with Kurt’s patented and time-proven Anglock feature. They align parts in the vise and reduce part lift to a minimum by pulling parts down and holding them with maximum rigidity for close tolerance repeatability in all axes.  
Holding parts up to 6.5” in length (with machined jaws), these self-centering vise model sizes clamp both OD and ID. They feature an adjustable center line. Their tall jaws provide increased spindle clearance and are machinable to include a “step” for eliminating the need for parallels. The jaws also are reversible, providing even more flexible clamping options.

The two new MaxLock vise models have quick alignment features. They have SHCS for mounting and 5/8” dowel holes for fast mounting on risers using sine keys. They also feature auxiliary clamping slots for mounting flexibility.

“Kurt’s MaxLock has been an overnight success for 5-axis machining,” reports Steve Kane, global sales and marketing manager for Kurt. “These new model sizes give small part manufacturers using smaller machining centers in the medical, aerospace, and related industries additional workholding solutions to fulfill their needs for repeatable accuracy. The timely introduction of these new MaxLock models demonstrate Kurt’s commitment and fast response to the needs of the manufacturing marketplace.”

Like all Kurt vise products, the new MaxLock vises are covered by Kurt’s Iron Clad Lifetime Warranty.