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BN1000 and BN2000 Uncoated Grades

BN1000 and BN2000 Uncoated Grades

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Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. January 17, 2013

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. advances uncoated turning in bearing and die steel manufacturing with the new BN1000 and BN2000. The new uncoated grades deliver an effective solution in high-speed to general purpose turning.

The BN1000 supplies users with excellent tool life in continuous cutting to light-interrupted cutting. High speed finishing of die steels and bearings is made possible through improved fracture and wear resistance. The BN1000 sets the bar for high-speed uncoated turning. The BN2000 provides a general purpose grade for the machining of hardened steel. When machining bearings or die steels, the BN2000 provides stable tool life on continuous cutting to medium interrupted cutting.

The uncoated series derives from a newly developed high-purity ceramic binding. This advanced binding increases heat resistance while strengthening the tolerated cutting force. The BN1000 and BN2000 are available in single corner and multi-corner type inserts.