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Traub TNL12/26/K Series Siding Headstock

Traub TNL12/26/K Series Siding Headstock


Index Corp. July 17, 2005

Traub TNL12/26/K series sliding headstock machines deliver the advantages of both fixed and sliding-headstock turning in single-machine-design concepts. This building-block machine style lets users configure machines to their exact requirements. In the TNL and TNL-K series, TNL stands for long/sliding headstock Swiss-type turning; TNL-K represents short, fixed-headstock screw-machine-type turning machines.

TNL26s are available with two 12-station turrets ( Y -axis optional on both turrets), a 5-station end-working tool carriers, heavy-duty counter spindles, and 5-station back-working tool carriers. Maximum Z -axis travels measure approximately 10 in. on L versions and 4 in. on Ks. Of the machines' 58 maximum number of fixed tools, 32 can be live.