Flex Coil System from International WIN with Seal Designed by MR&P

May 20, 2011

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics helped International WIN design a seal to make the Flex-Coil Swivel System easy to use, tangle-proof, and animal proof for veterinary medical care.


Sagentia – services and capabilities

December 18, 2012

See how Sagentia employees work with customers to be their source for medical device and instrumentation development. Read More

Wireless technology uses thousands of tiny liquid crystals on a flexible substrate to sense heat.

November 21, 2014

Measurements of thermal diffusivity used a wireless, active e-TLC, with a transmission antenna located about 10cm away that was adjusted to achieve a peak change in temperature of a few degrees (RF... Read More

Skin-like device monitors cardiovascular, skin health

November 21, 2014

The skin-like device is shown on the wrist during an occlusion test. Temperature decreases as the blood is occluded and then increases as it's released. The color is showing from blue to green right... Read More